Renewable Energy Loans

Productive loans

Real Estate Loans

Retail Loans
Now, everybody can obtain a real estate loan to buy an apartment, build a house, finance a ready-built residence, or buy land while benefiting from several features and facilities, as well as competitive interest rates.

Phone Banking Service

Our Phone Banking Service provides you with easy and secure access to your accounts anytime and anywhere. Services provided through our Phone Banking Service include: Inquiries about your account balance Inquiries about the last ten transactions on your account Instant bill payment service Ordering a checkbook Inquiries about fixed deposits [...]

Phone Banking

The Phone Banking Service grants you access to your accounts at LINC easily and securely, where the service enables you to get all your banking needs any time.

Online Banking

Banking services through the internet

Notice Accounts

Fully competent Jordanian and non-Jordanian persons and juristic persons.

Money Transfer

Transfer money between client’s accounts Transfer from bank to bank in Jordan Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) Automated Clearing House (ACH) Foreign Transfer (Outside Jordan)

LINC Rewards Program


LINC Prepaid Card

Get your prepaid card from LINC. This card provides an alternative to cash withdrawals and purchases enabling users to securely shop online and conduct other basic functions.

LINC’s Virtual Prepaid Card

Shop online using LINC’s Virtual Prepaid Card. The Virtual Prepaid Card is instantly issued through LINC’s mobile and internet banking for LINC’s clients only.