LINC Debit Cards

Enjoy the flexibility of paying for your daily needs from merchants or online shopping.

Card Features
  • Free card issuance fees
  • Instantly issued
  • Local and global acceptance of the card
  • Distinctive design and safe use as it is provided with the advanced smart chip technology to offer utmost safety and protection
  • Benefit from the Discount Program
  • Viewing your account statement and following up on your transactions through the online banking service (expiry date, card status and activation or suspension of the card)
  • Free SMS service which allows you to view your transactions and helps you manage your expenses
  • Maximum financial flexibility to suit your financial requirements
  • Cardholders can activate their cards for e-commerce and online payments from LINC Online Banking
  • Electronic contactless (remote) payment ceiling for all card types and without verification (without password):
    1. The maximum limit per one contactless payment transaction to become 100 JODs or its equivalent in foreign currencies.
    2. The maximum limit for total contactless payment transactions to become 300 JODs or its equivalent in foreign currencies.