University Smart Prepaid Card

Card Definition

LINC provides universities with a University Smart Card that has multiple benefits, issued to students and university staff to be used as an identity card to access the university’s campus.

The University Smart Card is a prepaid card that can be topped up through any of LINC’s branches and can be used at points of sale locally and internationally.

Card Features

Inside Campus
  • Campus Access
  • University tuition payment
  • Receive your scholarship funds per diem or salary
  • Receive your Royal Aid Fund
  • Access to university library and book borrowing
  • Parking payment
  • Cafeteria and university facilities POS payment

Outside Campus
  • Pay at local and international points of sale (POS)
  • E-commerce and online payments
  • Obtain discounts from a wide variety of merchants, restaurants, and retail stores
  • Get an Orange line with special offers

Recharge your University Smart Card at any of LINC’s branches inside and outside campus.