To improve the banking services and strengthen partnerships with our customers, we at LINC Bank are keen to allow our customers to submit complaints by the following ways:

    • Customer Complaints Unit fixed landline: 065006332.
    • In person by visiting the Customer Complaints Unit in the Headquarter during official working hours.
    • By mail to:
      • Compliance Control Department – Customer Complaints Unit – LINC Bank – Headquarter
        O. Box (950661) – Postal Code (11195)
    • Fax No. (065007109).
    • Through email to the Customer Complaint Unit: [email protected]
    • Through the complaint boxes available at all the bank’s branches.


    Complaint Handling Period

    Dear customer,

    Please note that we will respond to the complaint within (10) working days from the date of receiving the complaint unless the nature of the complaint requires a more extended period. In all cases, the period for responding to the complaint will be at most (30) working days from submitting the complaint, and you will be notified.


    In the event that you are not satisfied with the response to the complaint, you can resort to the Central Bank of Jordan or the judiciary, noting that you can communicate with the Central Bank of Jordan by the following ways:

    • The website of the Central Bank of Jordan.
    • The email of the Financial Consumer Protection Department: [email protected].
    • Call (064630301) or visit the Central Bank of Jordan.