PayPal, the leading global payment service, has teamed up with LINC Bank to offer you the most innovative financial services, If you’re a customer of the bank you you can benefit from many new products powered by PayPal, specifically adjusted to your needs.

Create your PayPal account

You haven’t joined PayPal yet? Create your account through LINC online banking in only a few clicks. To make things even easier, your payment card will be automatically added and verified as a funding source. With PayPal you can fully enjoy online shopping safely.

Instant Top-up your PayPal account

The Top-Up service allows you to transfer funds from your LINC account directly into your PayPal account. you select the amount you wish to top-up. The money will then immediately appear on your PayPal balance – ready for you to spend online, whenever you want.

Bank Managed Withdrawal

You received a payment on your PayPal account? But you want the money in your bank account? Thanks to  PayPal and LINC partnership, you can withdraw from PayPal account and deposit it to your LINC account – quickly and securely

For more details about the service please contact us at 0096265007700