Current Accounts

Designed especially to suit all your needs and provide you with ease and flexibility to carry out your banking transactions.

A legally competent Jordanian or non-Jordanian persons and judicial persons.

  • Opening accounts in any currency
  • 24-hour withdrawal service using LINC’s ATMs
  • Deposit and withdrawal branch services during LINC’s branches’ working hours
  • No receivable interest is credited to the account
  • A checkbook may be issued to the account holder
  • Free debit card
  • Free Online Banking and Mobile Banking services
  • Free instant SMS messages regarding their transactions
  • Free monthly e-statement sent to the account holder’s email address or LINC designated email
  • Free minimum balance fee

Don’t forget to get the following documents:
  • Proof of identity (ID for Jordanians or passport for non-Jordanians)
  • Proof of address (lease contract/property ownership)
  • Proof of employment (salary certificate, certificate of registration, occupational license, association membership)