eFAWATEERcom Service

Pay Your Bills Online Safely and Quickly with eFAWATEERcom Service

Presentation and collection of electronic invoices and bill payment service through eFAWATEERcom.
eFAWATEERcom is now available via LINC Online Banking. The service is also available through tellers at the bank’s branches.


Service Features

  • Saving time, money, and effort, while providing the clients with convenience, where they can check out amounts due on bills and pay all bills at one place.
  • Reducing the risk of a disconnected service due to late payments.
  • Easy access to all bills in a simple way that is accessible to everyone.
  • Access to the bills to review and pay anytime, 24/7.


Some of the services provided by eFAWATEERcom

  • Paying Umniah bills for Mobile and/or Internet services.
  • Paying Zain bills for ADSL/AIG/HSPA/Leased Lines/Mobile/WiMac services.
  • Paying Orange bills for Internet/Mobile/Fixed Lines services.
  • Paying University of Jordan tuition fees.
  • Paying water bills.
  • Paying Social Security subscription fees.
  • Donations to Al Monasara Islamic Zakat Committee.
  • Paying electricity bills – Irbid.
  • Paying Amman Greater Municipality fees.
  • Paying Jordanian Engineers Union subscription fees.
  • Paying traffic tickets.
  • Paying Ruwwad Academy for Training tuition fees.
  • Paying Jordan Electric Power Company bills.


LINC was added as a biller (service provider) on eFAWATEERcom system, which allows LINC credit card holders to pay the due amounts on their credit cards instantly from any of their accounts at other banks. The card holders should enter their primary LINC account number, followed by the last 4 digits of the credit card number for which the due payment is made, and the resulting number could be saved at the eFAWATEERcom customized list, as shown by the following example:

Ex: If LINC primary account number is 90XXXXX, and the last 4 digits of the credit card are 1234, then the client can inquire about the due payment via the following number: 90XXXXX1234.


How to pay your bills using eFAWATEERcom
In order to pay your bills using eFAWATEERcom, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to LINC Online Banking.
  2. You will see the “Login” page.
  3. Insert “Username” and “Password”.
  4. Enter the online banking PIN code.
  5. Click “Login”.
  6. Select “eFAWATEERcom” from the next page.
  7. Select the name of the billing party by selecting “Biller”.
  8. Select “Service Type”.
  9. Insert “Bill Number” in designated field.
  10. Click “Search”.
  11. A screen will appear showing “Due Amount”.
  12. Click “Pay Bill”.
  13. Select the LINC account you wish to use from the “Account No.” field.
  14. Click “Submit”.


List of companies and other billers available through eFAWATEERcom

LINC’s terms and conditions apply.