Credit Card (Titanium Mastercard)

Card Definition The Titanium Mastercard credit card from Cairo Amman Bank is your best choice to enjoy comprehensive benefits.It is specially designed to cater to your aspirations by surpassing what many other credit cards offer.The provision of the Titanium card by Cairo Amman Bank isa unique experience which will be extended to you upon [...]

Card Discount Program


Bills for Collection

Collection of bills related to export activities Collection of bills related to import activities (in addition to validation)

Mobile Banking

Now, you can manage and monitor your accounts using LINC’s free Mobile Banking application at any time of the day easily and within a secure environment 24/7. LINC Mobile Banking is currently available for select smartphones on Google Play and Apple Store.


Mahfazati Service is an electronic wallet service activated on your mobile. It provides subscribers with a safe and comfortable means for conducting cash transactions and monthly payments

International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is the international standard for identifying international bank accounts across national borders and is comprised of 34 characters.

Interest Rates, Commissions & Fees

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eFAWATEERcom Service

The bill payment service eFAWATEERcom is now available through LINC Online and Mobile Banking. The service is also available through tellers at LINC’s branches.


Other Services
PayPal is a secure global online payment system that allows users to shop globally in a smart, safe, and convenient way and make payments to other PayPal accounts or any desired email address.


JOD 2,000 paid within 48 hours as an urgent aid to be paid to the deceased relatives who have a transferred salary to LINC.