Western Union

Other Services
LINC’s customers can send and receive money transfers through LINC’s branches in Jordan, and through the sub-agent network.

Smart University Prepaid Card

LINC provides universities with a University Smart Card that has multiple benefits, issued to students and university staff to be used as an identity card to access the university's campus.

Time Deposit Accounts

Enjoy the certainty of knowing your investment return.

Term Deposits

Flexible tenor with a minimum of one month and a maximum of one year. You can open this account in all major currencies: USD, GBP, CHF (SFR), JPY, AED, SAR, KWD, SEK, DKK, CAD, AUD, and EUR. Fixed deposit accounts carry a certain interest, the percentage of which is set at the time of deposit and upon each renewal. The balance must be higher [...]

Telemoney Transfer

Telemoney is a speedy remittance service in cooperation with Arab National Bank in Saudi Arabia. The service is available to our clients in Jordan and Palestine.

SWIFT Money Transfer

Other Services
SWIFT domestic and international transfers are available to all our retail and corporate clients through the bank’s wide international correspondent’s network. The bank efficiently and reliably processes your money transfer requests both at home and around the world.

SMS Banking

This service provides secure bank account information, such as type and date of transaction, through the use of short messages.


SecureCode is a service from Mastercard and your card issuer that provides greater peace of mind when you shop online by providing added protection against unauthorized use of your enrolled card.

Personal Loans

Retail Loans
Tailored to your preference, get your personal loan with utter convenience and simplicity. LINC provides you with instant solutions to meet your different needs.

Saving Accounts

The first step for every individual into the banking system is savings account.