Mahfazati in my Mobile
Mahfazati Service is an electronic wallet service activated on your mobile. It provides subscribers with a safe and comfortable means for conducting cash transactions and monthly payments, whereas it is possible to use the mobile for transferring money locally, recharge prepaid lines, settling bills, and many other features and services, in addition to saving time, effort, and transportation costs for subscribers. The service also allows subscribers to conduct processes of payment and transfer anytime and in any place.

What is JOMOPAY?

It is a local electronic system supervised and operated by the Central Bank for the purposes of transferring financial transactions via the cellphone.

Most Important features of Mahfazati service:

  • Transferring money anytime
  • Cash withdrawal of the wallet’s electronic balance
  • Paying for purchases and services
  • Paying bills and financial claims
  • Network of branches and agents spread all around the Kingdom

Is it safe to use Mahfazati?

  • Using Mahfazati application guarantees the highest level of safety and protection; as it is not possible to access the account unless through a username and password, then an ID code will be required as all financial transactions are related to that ID
  • In case of losing or stealing cellphone, your wallet (Mahfazati) will not be stolen as accessing it is related to a passcode and ID code. Additionally the application guarantees the highest standards of protection and safety ratified by the Central Bank of Jordan

How to register?

  • Submit an application at any of LINC’s branches
  • You will receive an SMS with the activation code to be entered for the activating service and the link through which you can download Mahfazati application on your mobile
  • When accessing the application for the first time, pay attention to the following:
    *Choosing new user identification
    *Filling data as per the following sequence:

    1. Cellphone number: number to be used for the electronic wallet to be filled on application
    2. Activation code: code to be received within an SMS upon registration
    3. Personal identification code: the code to be activated for completing processes of transferring money and other financial transactions which is different from the passcode used to access the application