Mahfazati from Cairo Amman Bank

An electronic wallet service activated on your mobile, which provides subscribers with safe and comfortable ways to conduct your cash transactions and monthly payments.

You can use your mobile to transfer money locally, recharge prepaid lines, settle bills, and much more. Save time, effort, and transportation costs; conduct all your transfers and payments anytime, anyplace through a simple click on your mobile.

What is JOMOPay?
The Jordan Mobile Payment platform (JoMoPay) is the local alternative for mobile payment through your e-wallet. It is a new and convenient way to conduct your transactions and to transfer and receive funds instantly. This electronic system is supervised and operated by the Central Bank of Jordan.

Most important features of Mahfazati:
  • Transferring money at anytime
  • Cash withdrawal from your wallet’s electronic balance
  • Paying prices of purchases and services
  • Paying bills and financial claims
  • Network of branches and agents spread all across Jordan

Is it safe to use Mahfazati?
  • Using Mahfazati application guarantees the highest level of safety and protection, as it is not possible to access the account unless you insert a username and password, followed by a required ID to which all the financial transactions will be related.
  • In case of the loss or theft of your cellphone, your Mahfazati wallet will require a passcode and ID code, guaranteeing the highest standards of protection and safety ratified by the Central Bank of Jordan.