Credit Facilities

Overdraft Facilities
This is a service that provides, with high flexibility, money needed to meet companies’ obligations and to finance working capital.

The bank provides the following kinds of loans to big companies in the public and private sectors:

  1. Short-term revolving loans to finance working capital
  2. At-notice long-term (1-7 years) loans to finance various work requirements.

Discounted Bills
Trade bills, resulting from a sell-and-buy transaction, written by the buyer to the order of the seller who deducts them at the bank under his own guarantee. In this case, the one making the deduction (trader of seller) is a client of the bank. The bank sets a ceiling for the client to discount the endorsed trade bills resulting from true trade transactions. The ceiling is renewed yearly. Interest and commissions are paid in advance at each discount, and are settled in installments per agreement between the client and the bank and according to the due dates of the discounted bills.

Loans for financing enterprises
Loans granted for financing long-term production enterprises. Repayment of these loans is dependent on income from the enterprise itself. The amount of finance and the repayment schedule is based on the economic feasibility study prepared by the borrower.

Bank Syndicated Loans
CAB participates in financing big enterprises in the public and private sectors through high value, long-term loans. A group of banks jointly grants a loan to companies and establishments that have production enterprises, whereby each bank participates with a specific part of the loan.

Note: All of the above terms and conditions are subject to CAB’s Credit Facilities policies